October 1, 2012

September 2012

Tyler saw these Lighting Mcqueen slippers at Target and did not want to let go of them.  He loves cars and loves the "Cars" movie.  I love how cute he looks in them!
Having fun at Thanksgiving Point Farm Country with family

I don't know why these pigs made Will and I laugh!  Just typical pigs...

Happy 34th Birthday Hubby!!!  His sister, Diana, got this cake for him.  It reads "Yayum" because that is his nickname from years a go when Diana was little and couldn't say "William."

One thing about Tyler is he doesn't like his hands dirty. :)

I love this picture!  It was way past due for a hair cut and his hair combined with his cheesy grin were too cute not to capture.

Tyler making silly faces

Here we are at Brick Oven for dinner, celebrating Will's birthday.  Awesome pizza!

I made Will this red velvet bundt cake from scratch with homemade cream cheese frosting.  It was my first cake from scratch (I know, embarrassing- I usually take a cake mix and add things to it, like sour cream, etc.) and I'm really proud!  It was super yummy and if you want the recipe, it's pinned on Pinterest. :)

On September 14th, Grandma Whitaker picked up Alyssa and took her to Manti to spend a few days bonding.  They were able to build many cherished memories together.

Alyssa and Grandma Whitaker going to Church.

Alyssa riding her bike in the Manti Cemetary.  Notice the beautiful Manti Temple in the background.

Alyssa at her Great Grandma's grave.

LDS Manti Temple.

Grandma Whitaker said Alyssa walked all around Temple until she found the right spot to sit down.
Alyssa playing Grandma's organ, dressed up in this pioneer outfit that her Aunt Linda wore as a little girl.

How adorable is this!  Alyssa pretending to be a pioneer.  Love!
Alyssa and Grandma made homemade apple juice.

Alyssa making a wish.

While Alyssa was away, Nicole and Tyler had fun together.  Here they are wearing princess hats and giggling.

And wrestling.

I had to take this picture of Tyler praying.  Yes, this is how he prays, which is how his Daddy prays.  It's amazing what a 1-year-old can learn and he is so reverent during prayers (usually) :).

One Saturday morning Alyssa decided she wanted to sell lemonade, so we set up this stand in front of our home, which is very secluded so she only sold to her family and one nice neighbor.  She still enjoyed it though!
Nicole's first day of Preschool!

Nicole and her teacher, Miss Mikki.

August 2012

Alyssa's first day of 1st Grade!!!

On a Saturday night we put up our tent in the family room and had a sleepover.  The girls were beyond excited!


Hacking Family Pictures- July 2012

We had a mini Hacking family reunion this month and were able to get our pictures taken.  Thank you "Photography by McKenzie!"

My little family

Love my Hubby :)




My BIG family! 
The joy these two have created
My parents with 24 grandkids!
My darling parents :)

My brother, Chad, sister-in-law, Brendalyn, and their kids.
My sister, Sara, brother-in-law, Timo, and their kids.
My brother, Lance, sister-in-law, Stephanie, and their kids.
My sister Tiffany, brother-in-law Joey, and their kids.
My brother Scott, sister-in-law Megan, and their kids.
3 of my tough brothers and Dad :)

My mom and sisters

I have amazing siblings! (One brother couldn't make it- xoxo Mark)

This is pretty much how it was growing up...lol!

We all love Tiffany- maybe a little too much :)